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From the creative kitchens of those who know our product best, inspiration continues to flow. For your candy-making pleasure and tasting delight, a selection of confections that bring to life the essence of Peter’s Chocolate.

S’mores Cups

Originally Published June 2019

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Apple Pie Truffles
Baby Caramel Apples
Bird Milk Jelly (Ptasie Mleczko)
Birthday Cake Truffles
Blarney Stones
Blueberry Nutmeg Truffles
Bourbon Balls
Bourbon Old Fashioned Truffles
Bubbly Champagne Truffles
Buckeye Cups
Candy Cane Squares
Checkered Flag Mint Meltaways
Cheesecake Brownie Bites
Cherry Almond Chocolate Nougat
Chocolate Cake Truffles
Chocolate Chip Bahulu
Chocolate Crackles
Chocolate Drizzled Brown Butter Pralines
Chocolate Peda
Chocolate Zucchini Bride & Groom Cake Pops
Churro Truffles
Classic Chocolate Walnut Fudge
Coconut and Almond Delights
Coffee Bean Mocha Truffles
Cookie Butter Meltaways
Cool Mint Raspberry Truffles
Cowboy Cookies
Cranberry Cordials
Cranberry Oat Almond Bark
DIY Ice Cream Pops
Double Peanut Caramel Clusters
Elegant Caramel Cherries
Espresso Sea Salt Caramels
Fig and Hazelnut Chews
Fruit & Nut Baskets
Ginger Amaretti Bark
Gingerbread Truffles
Halloween Suckers
Hibiscus & Honey Nougats
Honey Tea Truffles
Ice Cream Truffles
Irish Potato Candy
Licorice Tops
Lunchbox Bark
Macadamia Nut Clusters
Madeira Wine Truffles
Maple & Smoked Bacon Caramels
Molasses Sponge Candy
Nama Chocolate
Nanaimo Bars
Passion Fruit & Cherry Truffles
Passion Fruit Macadamia Nut Gianduja
Patriotic Caramel Corn
Peanut Butter & Jelly Truffles
Pear Walnut Truffles
Peppermint Truffles
Piñion Rolls
Pistachio Meltaways
Plantain Cacahuate Bark
Popcorn Truffles
Rosemary Truffles
S'mores Bark
S'mores Cups
Salted Irish Cream Caramels
Shell-Molded Buckeyes
Sour Cream & Poppy Seed Truffles
Southern Divinity
Speculoos Mendiants
Sriracha Truffles
Strawberry Rhubarb Cups
Sugarplum Truffles
Sweet & Sour Truffles
Tamarind Balls
Tarragon & Red Wine Truffles
Tortugas de Fiesta
Traditional Brigadeiro
Turkish Delights
Wasabi & Turmeric Truffles
Whoopie Pies
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