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Tortugas de Fiesta

1000g Peter’s® Caramel Loaf
200g Peter’s® White Icecap® Confectionery Coating
300 Large Whole Cashews
Peter’s® Chatham® Milk Chocolate
  1. Melt Peter’s Caramel loaf to approximately 170°F and blend in Peter’s White Icecap wafers until melted and combined.
  2. On a parchment lined tray, position 100 pairs of cashews to simulate four turtle feet.
  3. Warm the caramel back up to 160°-170°F.
  4. Using a confectionery funnel, deposit a small dollop of caramel onto each pair of cashews.
  5. While caramel is still soft, position a third cashew against the caramel, narrow end down, to form a turtle head.
  6. When caramel has solidified, deposit a dollop of tempered Peter’s Chatham milk chocolate on top of the caramel.
  7. Pipe chocolate eyes and decorate turtle shells as desired.
Yield: 100 Tortugas