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Halloween Suckers

Peter's® OriginalTM White Chocolate
Peter's® Viking® Semisweet Chocolate
Peter's® MaridelTM Milk Chocolate
Oil-based Food Coloring
  1. Mold plain suckers using Peter’s Original white chocolate, Peter’s Viking semisweet chocolate and Peter’s Maridel milk chocolate.
  2. To dye white chocolate, use oil-based food coloring.


  1. Place stencil directly on surface of sucker, holding it in place with finger.
  2. Use small, offset metal spatula to spread thin layer of chocolate across surface of stencil.
  3. Lift stencil carefully to avoid smearing the design.
  4. To add details, use parchment decorating bag half filled with a contrasting shade of chocolate.
  5. To add spider web design, pipe white chocolate lines in sucker cavity first.
  6. Let dry, then fill with orange-colored white chocolate.
Yield: A Good Number of Suckers