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Birthday Cake Truffles

600 g Peter’s® White Icecap® Caps
360 g Baked White Cake, Cubed
Peter’s® GlenmereTM Milk Chocolate
  1. Prep shell mold with Peter’s® Cambra® milk chocolate and set aside in cool area to harden.
  2. Make vanilla cake mix according to box directions and bake in a 13” x 18” sheet pan.
  3. Cut into cubes and blend 360 grams of cake with 600 grams of melted Peter’s® White Icecap® caps in a food processor until smooth.
  4. Pipe into round silicone molds and freeze.
  5. Demold while still frozen.
  6. When truffles warm to room temperature, enrobe in Peter’s® Glenmere™ milk chocolate
  7. Decorate with colorful sprinkles.
Yield: 72 Truffles