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Le premier chocolat au lait du monde par Daniel Peter

In 1875, after eight years of experimentation and refinement, Daniel Peter of Vevey, Switzerland gave the world its first taste of milk chocolate. The challenge – to create a chocolate of fine velvety smoothness that wouldn’t spoil – was overcome when Peter perfected the method for dehydrating milk and combining it with chocolate. This proprietary development revolutionized the manufacturing process of chocolate and set a new standard for taste and texture. Twelve years after the invention of milk crumb in 1887, Chocolat au lait Gala Peter became the world’s first commercially sold milk chocolate.

In 1901, an American businessman from Lamont, Corliss & Company discovered a Peter’s Gala Bar while in England. He was so enamored with the chocolate that he successfully convinced the American firm to secure rights to sell Peter’s Chocolate in America. By 1917, a Peter’s manufacturing facility was opened in Fulton, NY. Some years later, Lamont, Corliss & Company purchased Peter’s Chocolate, which would eventually become part of the Nestle Chocolate Company is 1951.

In 2002, the Peter’s Chocolate brand was purchased by Cargill, Incorporated, which continues the tradition of producing milk chocolate from whole milk crumb in accordance with Daniel Peter’s original method. As the first and oldest milk chocolate manufacturer in the world, Peter’s Chocolate has over 140 years of experience producing chocolate with a distinctive Swiss-style flavor. Today, the Peter’s Chocolate portfolio encompasses a wide variety of high quality chocolates, and specialty confectionary coatings, and serves the nation’s finest confectioners, bakers and artisans.