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Passion Fruit & Cherry Truffles

24 oz Peter’s® White Icecap® Wafers, melted
14 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk
4 oz Amoretti Passion Fruit Flavor Compound
2 oz Fondant Sugar
½ oz Invertase
5 oz Finely Chopped Glacéed Cherries plus additional for decorating
Peter’s® CambraTM Bittersweet Chocolate for enrobing
  1. Heat milk to approximately 110⁰F. Slowly whisk in melted Peter’s White Icecap wafers; use minimal stirring to avoid oil separation.
  2. Gently blend in flavor, fondant sugar, invertase, and chopped cherries, and pour onto parchment lined tray to 5/8 inch thick. Allow to cool and firm.
  3. Cut to desired shape using ganache cutter or roller knife. Allow to dry/crust for a few hours or overnight.
  4. Enrobe in Peter’s Cambra Bittersweet Chocolate and decorate with a slice of glacéed cherry.


Our Passion Fruit & Cherry Truffles were originally created as part of our 2019 Peter’s Chocolate Calendar. To learn more about the calendar and see other innovative creations from 2019, visit our blog here.

Yield: 100 Truffles