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Bubbly Champagne Truffles

26 oz Peter’s White IceCapTM Wafers
6 oz Canola Oil
6 oz Culinary CrystalsTM Unflavored Carbonated Candy Pieces
10 ml Champagne Flavoring (Silesia)
Peter’s OriginalTM White Chocolate
  1. Completely melt the Peter’s White IceCap™ Wafers to 105⁰F, then blend in the liquid canola oil.
  2. Add in the Culinary Crystals™ and flavoring.
  3. Deposit into 1 inch round silicone molds. Allow to cool and firm overnight.
  4. Remove firm centers from molds and enrobe or hand roll in tempered Peter’s Original™ White Chocolate.
Yield: 90 Truffles