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Espresso Sea Salt Caramels

2 cups Heavy Cream
8 oz Salted Dairy Butter
1 cup White Sugar
1 cup Dark Brown Sugar
2 cups 42DE Corn Syrup
1 cup Evaporated Milk
5g Instant Coffee
Peter’s® CambraTM Bittersweet Chocolate
Sea salt, for Decorating
Espresso Beans, Coarsely Chopped, for Decorating
  1. Combine heavy cream, butter, white and brown sugars, corn syrup, evaporated milk and instant coffee in a large pot and heat until all ingredients are melted and incorporated.
  2. Bring to a boil and cook to 238°F.
  3. Pour into a 12” x 12” parchment lined form and allow to cool to room temperature.
  4. Cut into 1 inch squares.
  5. Enrobe in Peter’s Cambra bittersweet chocolate.
  6. Decorate with coffee beans and sea salt.
Yield: 144 Caramels