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Salted Irish Cream Caramels

15 oz Irish Cream Liquor
28 oz Peter’s® Ultra® Milk Chocolate, tempered
4 oz Butter, room temperature
2 oz Irish Whiskey
¼ oz Invertase
24 oz Peter’s® Liquid Caramel
7 lbs Peter’s® CambraTM 72% Bittersweet Chocolate for shells
3 lbs Peter’s® No. 23TM Chocolate Liquor for shells
Black Lava Sea Salt for decorating
  1. Blend tempered Peter’s Cambra Bittersweet Chocolate with Peter’s No. 23 Chocolate Liquor to yield a higher cacao content of 80%.
  2. Using 1 1/8 inch polycarbonate dome molds, shell mold 80% mixture into 168 cavities.
  3. Warm the Irish cream to 110-120⁰F. Slowly whisk in the tempered chocolate just until a homogenous emulsion is formed.
  4. Blend in the softened butter until combined; then the whiskey; then the invertase. When ganache temperature is below 90⁰F, immediately pipe into molds 2/3 full.
  5. Gently melt the Peter’s Liquid Caramel to 85-90⁰F, and pipe into the molds until full; leaving 1-2 millimeters gap for bottoming. Allow to cool and firm, then apply tempered chocolate bottoms.
  6. Demold the truffles and pipe a small 3/8 inch narrow line of tempered chocolate on top of each piece, turn the piece upside down and dip into sea salt while the piped chocolate is still wet so the salt will adhere.


Our Salted Irish Cream Caramels were originally created as part of our 2019 Peter’s Chocolate Calendar. To learn more about the calendar and see other innovative creations from 2019, visit our blog here.

Yield: 168 Caramels