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1 cup Coconut Sugar
2 Tbsp Water
1 cup Raw Peanuts, peeled
½ cup Grated Coconut
¼ cup Coconut Milk
½ tsp Cardamom
½ tsp Cinnamon
½ tsp Salt
Peter’s® Chatham® Milk Chocolate, melted, for drizzling

1. Mix grated coconut with your coconut milk. Use your hands if need be to make sure that all the grated coconut becomes nice and moistened. Once mixed, set aside.
2. Take a small pan over medium heat. Once heated, add your peanuts without any oil and lightly roast for 3-5 minutes, occasionally tossing the peanuts around, until they develop a light brown color. Be careful not to over-roast and burn.
3. Once the peanuts have roasted, remove from the pan, and set aside.
4. Next, reduce the heat of your stove to a low heat or even a simmer. Add your coconut sugar in and begin to push around with either a ladle or spatula.
5. As the sugar begins to melt and caramelize, add splashes of water, and continue to mix through. The entire mixture will start to bubble, and the caramel begins to form.
6. As the caramelized coconut sugar forms, add your peanuts back into the mix and stir, coating the peanuts with the coconut sugar.
7. Add your moistened coconut and coconut milk. Mix evenly between the peanuts and the caramelized sugar.
8. Add cardamom, cinnamon and salt and mix in.
9. After about 1 minute of further mixing, take your peanut brittle off the heat.
10. Take an 8×8-inch baking dish lined with parchment paper and, while the peanut brittle is still hot, pour mixture in and form to dish.
11. Place the peanut brittle into the fridge and let cool. After about 15 minutes, the Kashata should harden but still retain a slightly soft texture as well.
12. Remove brittle from fridge and return to room temp.
13. Once at room temperature, drizzle tempered chocolate.


Kashata was originally featured as part of our 2022 Peter’s Chocolate Calendar. To learn more about the calendar and see other inspired creations from 2022, visit our blog here.

Yield: One 8x8-inch Square Dish