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Introducing the 2022 Peter’s Calendar…

Chocolate. Súkkulaði. Czekolada. チョコレート. Chokoleti. تالکش .

No matter how you say it, the product of the cocoa bean has found its way into the heart of many, if not all, of the world’s culinary cultures. In this 2022 Peter’s Chocolate Calendar, we’re embarking on a global journey to experience firsthand how different nations celebrate and enjoy the world’s most coveted ingredient. Each of the twelve recipes showcased is a beloved product in its country of origin with a story and heritage of its own. To honor that heritage, we have placed each confection in the context of its culture, using plateware, fabrics, colors and patterns that evoke the special place from which it comes.

As the originator of milk chocolate with both a Swiss heritage and a proud American legacy, Peter’s Chocolate is proud to celebrate both the fascinating differences in the way chocolate is prepared around the world, and the shared delight that it inspires in all of us.

Download your copy of the 2022 Peter’s Chocolate Calendar here.

View each of the featured recipes on their own webpages using the following links:
January – Chocolate Crackles (Australia)
February – Nama Chocolate (Japan)
March – Traditional Brigadeiro (Brazil)
April – Chocolate Chip Bahulu (Malaysia)
May – Venizelika (Greece)
June – Kashata (Tanzania)
July – Tamarind Balls (Jamaica)
August – Gaz (Iran)
September – Catànies (Spain)
October – Bird Milk Jelly (Poland)
November – Chocolate Peda (India)
December – Licorice Tops (Iceland)