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Shell-Molded Buckeyes

20 oz Creamy Peanut Butter
12 oz Peter’s® White Icecap® Coating
½ tsp Fine Grind Salt
Peter’s® Chatham® Milk Chocolate, for shell

4 oz Peter’s® OriginalTM White Chocolate, tempered
4 oz Peter’s® Chatham® Milk Chocolate, tempered
Orange & Yellow Candy Color

Blend 4 oz Original White Chocolate and 4 oz Chatham Milk Chocolate. Add one drop orange and 2-3 drops of yellow candy color to match the color of peanut butter. Pipe 3/8-inch circles of this colored chocolate into polycarbonate dome molds. Set aside. Melt White Icecap Coating to 115-120⁰F. Add in peanut butter and salt. Complete the chocolate shells using Peter’s Chatham Milk Chocolate. Bring filling temperature to 84-88⁰F and fill chocolate shells. Allow filling to cool and set, then apply chocolate bottoms.

Yield: Approx. 72 Pieces