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Rosemary Truffles

25 g Heavy Cream
225 g Honey
906 g Peter's® Burgundy® Semisweet Chocolate
8 g Fresh Rosemary
3.5 g Invertase Skim Milk (as needed)
Peter's® Broc® Milk Chocolate
  1. Prep shell mold with Peter’s Broc® milk chocolate and set aside in cool area to harden.
  2. Bring cream to boil.
  3. Simmer fresh rosemary for five minutes, then strain.
  4. Use skim milk to return rosemary-infused cream back to original weight.
  5. Whisk in honey.
  6. Whisk in melted (110°-115° F) Peter’s® Burgundy® semisweet chocolate and mix until consistent.
  7. When cooled to less than 130° F, add invertase.
  8. Deposit into shells and let stand for one hour.
  9. Bottom using Peter’s® Broc® milk chocolate.
Yield: 200 Truffles