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Introducing the 2023 Peter’s Calendar…

In 1875, Daniel Peter brought the world a new idea: milk chocolate. A fine recipe that would make everyone from children to seniors smile through every mouthwatering bite.

Peter’s® formulas have been around for many years, yet some of these flavors are still being discovered by chocolate lovers and reimagined by the boldest confectioners every day.

There’s a special excitement that comes from tasting new flavors and immediately wanting to share them. This calendar will let you experience that sensation every month as you move through its pages.

Discover a modern palate for your future features and confections that mixes the classics with ingredients from different corners of your pantry and undiscovered aisles of the supermarket.

The 2023 Calendar dives into the sensory profiles of twelve of our most popular products, elegantly mixing their nuances with bold and classic pairings. Every month showcases exciting flavor notes and aims to spark curiosity, nourish creativity, and hopefully, bring some sweet eureka moments to your kitchen.

To all confectioners, chocolate auteurs & alchemists out there:
Keep an open palate.
Explore new ingredients.
Play with pairings.
And most importantly…
Make them your own!

Download your copy of the 2023 Peter’s Chocolate Calendar here.