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Peter’s Chocolate & Fruit Pairing Flight

Next up to the pairings stage, fruit! Whether refreshingly debuted in the spring or lovingly showcased during the holiday season, fruit has a place on the palette year-round. Be inspired by these perfect pairs for flavored creams or meltaways, or just straight dip in or drizzle on the fruit itself!

Cambra 72% Bittersweet Chocolate + Cranberries

Cranberry and Cambra on their own give a beautiful, rich, and vibrant cranberry burst with rich coffee-cocoa and vanillin notes coming through. Dried cranberries add a beautiful fruit-cakey element, a mellow and fruity combination reminiscent of autumn and winter family and friend get togethers.

Burgundy 51% Semisweet Chocolate + Cumquat, Mandarin

A blend of winey and fruity notes makes Peter’s Burgundy a perfect match for bitter and tangy companions. Fruits like cumquats or mandarins are perfect partners in recipe.

Chatham Milk Chocolate + Blood Orange

The intense milk chocolate flavor profile of the Chatham goes perfectly with the juicy, tangy, mouthwatering sweet blood orange. This pairing feels sophisticated with a deep cocoa-y bite through to the finish.

Broc Milk Chocolate + Pineapple

You’ve heard about caramel apples, but the juicy sweet and sour notes from pineapple and lift Peter’s Broc to a new flavor experience. The balanced freshness of Broc matches the sweetness and enhances the pineapple burst. Neither flavor overpowers the other, there’s a balance that fits a perfect relaxed, tropical vibe.

Ultra Milk Chocolate + Passionfruit

Ultra and passionfruit is a perfect combination. They’re made for each other with an idea balance. Chocolate enhances the beautiful primary fruit of the passionfruit, an acidic, fresh add-on to any dessert that just begs to be turned into the star of a sweet and sour dessert.

Original White Chocolate + Lemon, Lychees

White chocolate is a well-known companion for lemon, and it truly is an amazingly combo here. The high zesty acidity of the lemon cut through the sweetness of the white, but still makes for a simple combo. Lychees are a more unusual combination but just as beautiful.