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Peter’s Chocolate Charcuterie Board

In recent years, charcuterie and cheeseboards have seen a renaissance of creativity and display and even transitioned into a true artform spread across social media channels. Meats, cheeses, nuts and more are celebrated and showcased in this go-to staple for gatherings.

Ride the creativity wave and add another modern element, chocolate, with these suggested pairings to bring to life some of our favorites Peter’s products.

Gibraltar Bittersweet Chocolate + Hazelnuts + Dried Cranberries

Both hazelnut and Gibraltar have roasted qualities that mix with each other perfectly to enhance your experience. Gibraltar also balances beautifully with tangy and intense dried cranberry — the perfect fruit burst for a dark chocolate.

Newport Bittersweet Chocolate + Parmesan + Honey

Parmesan gives some tanginess to the strong chocolate Newport for a balanced blend of tasting elements intertwining. Bonus! Add honey to the mix to further the sweet intensity.

Burgundy Semisweet Chocolate + Blue Cheddar

The blue cheddar’s salty tang taps the overlooked potential of Burgundy’s winey notes and creates a sensory experience as the savoriness of the blue cheddar fills out in the mid palate.

Broc Milk Chocolate + Smoked Cheddar

The milky notes of the Broc lend well to the smokiness of the cheddar cheese for a combination that really works. Broc’s creamy notes shine as the smokiness of the cheese makes the chocolate flavor linger.

Ultra Milk Chocolate + Pistachios

Ultra’s milky sweetness and uniquely flavored beans mix perfectly with the moreish pistachio nut flavor, blending sweet and salty flavors for a delicate yet crunchy treat.

Original White Chocolate + Wasabi Peas

Feeling more adventurous? Let the umami qualities of wasabi peas click with Original’s creamy flavor and bring some savory heat to the chocolate. A true delight for those who love bold flavors.

Caramel + Green Olives

The single pairing of Peter’s Caramel with salted olives is a divine match. The saltiness of the olive adds an extra umami dimension to an already nuanced chocolate. Feel the flavors moving around your mouth with this ultimate salty and sweet combination.