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Peter’s Chocolate & Beer Pairing Flight

Beer has become the obvious staple for your traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebration. But how about adding some additional sweetness to your celebration? We’ve created the below flight of our premium Peter’s chocolates with their most mutually flavorsome toasting companions.

Toast the holiday. Bite. Sip. Enjoy.

Peter’s Original White Chocolate + American Brown Ale

Original White works wonders on a Brown Ale by soothing the bitter and acid, while spotlighting its own smooth, subtle and milky characters. You’ll be left with an overall dessert feel…and that’s a good feeling.

Peter’s Broc Milk Chocolate + Vanilla Porter

These two were meant to be together. Each bite and sip presents a deep taste reserve of chocolate and roast flavor that is paired with a soothing backdrop of caramel. The coupling is divine fate.

Peter’s Burgundy Semisweet Chocolate + Belgian Fruit Lambic

Predominately known for its fudgy flavor, Burgundy also showcases a mouth-watering blend of winey and fruity flavors and finishes with a touch of spice. Pairing with a fruit beer influences those fruity flavors to take center stage and brings a berry burst your palate.

Peter’s Cambra Bittersweet Chocolate + Stout

A foamy pint of stout combined with the elegant intricacies of a bit of Cambra really make the case. Stout’s chocolate and coffee notes blend smoothly with Cambra’s darker flavors, for a refreshing and sweet combination.