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Sayklly’s Candies
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Sayklly’s Candies

Kevin & Julie Robitaille – Escanaba, MI

Sweet Spot: Whopper Snappies

Life Story

The company was founded in 1906. In 1987, Kevin was hired to take out trash and pack boxes, but soon he had apprenticed himself to Mike Kobasic, the founder’s grandson who over time, would entrust him with the family’s recipes, techniques and hard-won wisdom.

Secrets of Success

The company is deeply rooted in its surrounding community, conducting fundraisers for both national charities and local schools and clubs. In the traditionally slow summer months, they travel the fair circuit and present showcases throughout the region, ensuring a steady flow of business and advancing their brand recognition.

Why Peter’s?

“History speaks for itself. From the beginning, we have maintained our high standards, using only premium ingredients to achieve the same quality flavor profile, batch after batch and year after year.”

Creamy Butter Fudge

Recipe provided by Sayklly’s Candies


3 lbs Corn Syrup
9 1/4 lbs Sugar
4 oz Powdered Milk
2 lbs Water
1/2 oz Salt
11 lbs Peter’s® Burgundy® Semisweet Chocolate
3 1/2 lbs AA Wisconsin Butter


1. Combine corn syrup, sugar, powdered milk, water, and salt in copper kettle.
2. Cook until the temperature reaches 238o F.
3. Combine remaining ingredients in mixer bowl.
4. Add cooked ingredients, mix until blended.
5. Pour into container to cool for 12 hours.
6. Fudge is ready to extrude for candy bars.

Approx. Yield: 440 Bars