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Peterbrooke<sup>®</sup> Chocolatier
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Peterbrooke® Chocolatier

Jeffery Smith – Jacksonville, FL

Sweet Spot: Chocolate Popcorn

Life Story

A franchise operation with 22 stores in three states, Peterbrooke promises and delivers “American Chocolates in the European Tradition.” By upholding strict and detailed standards of product quality, customer service and sustainability for all of its franchisees, Peterbrooke maintains a remarkably consistent profile and its products inspire passionate recognition and loyalty.

Why Peter’s?

“We have worked with Peter’s Chocolate since our first store opened in 1983 because every product has been painstakingly formulated to deliver the precise flavor profile and consistency that Peterbrooke Chocolatier demands and that our customers and chocolate lovers crave.

Point of Pride

“All of our Peterbrooke Chocolatier shops are Rainforest Alliance certified, which ensures the global sustainable farming of cacao while providing farmers with better opportunities for growth and profitability. Peterbrooke was one of the earliest adopters of those standards in the United States and is a proud part of a sustainability program that involves all aspects of the chocolate supply chain.”

Maintaining the Culture

Quality chocolates take quality time. In addition to monthly calls and webinars, Peterbrooke Chocolatier also brings together their entire organization in-person twice a year. They meet once in the fall to prepare for the holiday season, and once in the spring to get ready for the summer months.

Popcorn Truffles

Recipe inspired by Peterbrooke® Chocolatier


4 oz Salted Popped Popcorn
12 oz Peter’s® Liquid Caramel
16 oz Peter’s® Chatham® Milk Chocolate


1. Warm the liquid caramel to approximately 100 degrees F and gently mix together with popcorn.
2. Using a #70 disher, portion into 1 inch balls and allow to cool and firm.
3. Enrobe with tempered milk chocolate.

Approx. Yield: 64 Truffles