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Mark Makers

Laymon Candy Company, Inc.
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Laymon Candy Company, Inc.

San Bernardino, CA

Sweet Spot: Honeycomb Sponge Candy

Life Story

The business opened in 1927, two years before the stock market crash. The family kept it going by working tirelessly and becoming a distributor for other manufacturers as well as continuing to operate a thriving retail store.

Why Peter’s?

“Our relationship with Peter’s goes back to the ‘60s when we began blending our own recipes. Then some years back, we conducted a blind taste test and we have been committed to Peter’s Lenoir as our semisweet chocolate ever since.”

Point of Pride: Word of mouth.

The company prides itself on growing via customer recommendation rather than advertising or promoting its products.

Words of Wisdom:

“Follow your dreams! Treat employees and customers as family. Plus “sweat equity!”

Pecan Crunch Bars

Recipe provided by Laymon Candy Company, Inc.


9 lbs Salted Butter
1 lb 42/43 Regular Corn Syrup
10 lbs Granulated Sugar
3 tbsp Salt
1 lb Water
3 1/3 lbs Chopped Medium Fancy Pecans
1/2 oz Baking Soda
Peter’s® LenoirTM Semisweet Chocolate, for enrobing


1. Melt butter.
2. Once melted, add corn syrup, sugar, salt and water.
3. Keep cooking with a relatively low fire constantly mixing. The fire may have to be raised and lowered a few times to insure the ingredients all mix together. Don’t cook too low or it will invert.
4. When the batch reaches 280 F add pecans.
5. Continue cooking to about 304 F depending on altitude.
6. Once done cooking, add and mix in baking soda. The batch should have a creamy and buttery color.
7. Pour on the heated, formed table. Spread to around 1/4 inch.
8. Cut to 1 inch or 2 inch size as preferred.
9. Enrobe in chocolate.

Approx. Yield: 350 Bars