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Fascia’s Chocolates, Inc.
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Fascia’s Chocolates, Inc.

Waterbury, CT

Sweet Spot

The Full Chocolate Experience, a multisensory chocolate appreciation and education event.

Life Story

They were born into it. John and Helen Fascia opened their business in 1964 while Helen was expecting her first child. All three Fascia daughters (Louise, Lynne and Laurie) have been devoted to the business all their lives and Carmen joined as general manager in 2009 after marrying Louise in 1996.

Why Peter’s?

As Carmen tells it, “My Mother and Father in-law get all the credit. The more I learned and experienced other chocolate, the more I appreciated Peter’s. When we decided to educate the public, telling the story of Daniel Peter creating the first milk chocolate seemed a natural fit. Besides, he was a technical guy whose father in-law was a master chocolatier, so I have that kinship.”

Point of Pride: Share what you love.

Through the courses they teach and activities they conduct, the Fascia family has become an authority and an advocate, sharing what they know about the origins, growing and processing, sustainability and manufacturing of chocolate with thousands of curious customers.

Words of Wisdom

“Learn the science of chocolate because it makes the art that much more satisfying.”

Ginger Bark

Recipe provided by Fascia’s Chocolates, Inc.


5 1/4 lbs Peter’s® Broc® Milk Chocolate or
Peter’s® Viking® Semisweet Chocolate, liquid tempered
3 lbs Roasted & Salted Cashews
3/8 tsp Ginger Essence Oil (LorAnn Product Code 0540-0800 or equivalent)
16 oz Diced Glace Ginger
Lemon Infused Sea Salt


1. Mix chocolate, ginger oil and cashews together and pour into a full size baking pan with a pan liner.
2. Spread evenly into tray as smooth and uniform as possible. Use a vibrating table if available.
3. Evenly spread diced ginger pieces across the top and gently push down into the chocolate.
4. Sprinkle sea salt across the top and vibrate the pan quickly to settle the salt.
5. Put in cool environment to set up.
6. When set, break or cut into desired size pieces. Thickness will be about 3/8 inch.

Approx. Yield: 148 Pieces