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Bakers Candies
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Bakers Candies

Todd Baker – Greenwood, NE

Sweet Spot

Chocolate Meltaways

Life Story

Founding father Kevin Baker might just be the world’s only chocolatier to begin as an aerospace engineer. In the 1980s, Kevin decided to apply the same mechanical genius he had once used to design super-efficient manufacturing systems for missiles to automating and optimizing the art of candy making.

Secrets of Success: Blue-Collar Gourmet™ Chocolates

Early on, the Bakers discovered their midwestern customers saw “fine chocolate” as a gift for others, not as a treat for themselves. Paradoxically. the more they spent on fancy packaging, the less chocolate they sold. By individually
wrapping their delectable Meltaways and selling them in clear bags, they found a way to maximize both manufacturing efficiencies and sales.

Why Peter’s?

“Peter’s Chocolate is unquestionably the best chocolate on planet earth. Peter’s milk crumb has no equal.”

Point of Pride

“In 1987 we became the first candy company in the world’s history to start with a 100% custom, fully-automated, production process and no recipe.”

Famous Peanut Butter Squares

Recipe provided by Bakers Candies, Inc.


10 lbs Peanut Butter Flavored IceCapTM Chips
1 lb Smooth Creamy Peanut Butter
3 lbs Salted, Blanched Peanuts, ground and chopped
Peter’s® Ultra® Milk Chocolate or Peter’s CambraTM Semisweet Chocolate, for enrobing


1. Mix IceCapTM Chips, Peanut Butter, and Peanuts.
2. Apply heat and stir until thoroughly melted and mixed.
3. Pour 1/2 inch thick. Cool to form slab.
4. Cut to size.
5. Enrobe in milk or semisweet chocolate.
6. Decorate to taste.
7. Grab baseball bat to fight off the mob that will form to buy them (last step optional).

Approx Yield: 600 Squares