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September 2011 Recipe

Apple Pie Truffles

400 g   Apple juice (AJ) concentrate (12 oz can)
800 g   Peter's® White Icecap® caps
1 g   Ground cinnamon
    Peter's® Broc® milk chocolate 90°
    Crushed graham crackers

Heat Peter's® White Icecap® caps to 110°-120° F. Boil AJ concentrate and cinnamon for 2 minutes. Allow AJ/cinnamon mixture to cool to 120°-110° F. Pour melted Peter's® White Icecap® caps into the AJ/cinnamon mixture slowly; stir rapidly until all the Peter's® White Icecap® caps have been consumed. Cool mixture to 90° F. Pour mixture into a plastic container and refrigerate overnight. Use a rolling pin to form a 0.5 inch slab of truffle paste on cutting board. Then use a 2.5 inch circular cookie cutter and cut out circles in slab (remove excess). Cut circles into 6 evenly shaped pie pieces. Enrobe pie pieces in Peter's® Broc® milk chocolate. Place bottom of pie piece in ground gram cracker to make the appearance of a pie crust on bottom of truffle. Use spoon to cover back of pie piece. Cool at 60° F for 10 min.

Yield: 150 truffles