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August 2012 Recipe

Papaya Truffles

600 g   Fondant sugar
90 g   Dehydrated papaya powder*
1 g   Salt
200 g   Fresh ripe papaya, mashed
5 g   Lemon juice
113 g   Dairy butter, room temperature
5 g   Invertase
    Hollow shells made with Peter's® Galeton™ bittersweet chocolate

In a Hobart-type mixer, blend the fondant sugar, papaya powder and salt together on low speed. Add mashed papaya and lemon juice and mix together until the cream is well blended. Add butter and invertase, and blend until cream mixture is homogenous. Deposit into shells made with Peter's® Galeton™ bittersweet chocolate. When cream is firm and the surface is dry and crusted, apply chocolate bottoms to shells.

*NP Nutra, www.npnutra.com

Yield: 120 truffles