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July 2013 Recipe

Blueberry Nutmeg Truffles

300 g   Fresh or frozen blueberries
150 g   Dried blueberries*
675 g   Peter's® White Icecap® caps
5 g   Ground nutmeg
    Peter's® Finley™ white chocolate

Wash fresh blueberries with very hot water; if using frozen, thaw to room temperature. In food processor blend fresh or frozen blueberries with dried blueberries and pulverize into puree. Blend in melted Peter's® White Icecap® caps and nutmeg; mix until combined. Once ganache cools to below 87° F, deposit into chocolate shells made with

Peter's® Finley™ white chocolate

. Seal bottoms with additional white chocolate. If desired, decorate polycarbonate mould with colored cocoa butter prior to making shells.

*Mariani Packaging Company, www.mariani.com

Yield: 120 truffles



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