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March 2012 Recipe

Beer Truffles

1100 g   Peter's® White Icecap® caps
500 g   Stout beer
5 g   Invertase
    Hollow shells made with Peter's® Broc® milk chocolate

Bring stout to a boil and allow to cool below 180° F. Pour over Peter's® White Icecap® caps and allow the heat to melt the wafers, then blend until emulsified into a smooth ganache.*Blend in invertase. Allow to cool below 70° F and deposit into shells made with Peter's® Broc® milk chocolate. Allow to firm/crust and apply bottoms to seal.

*Ganache will be very fluid when made, but will solidify in 24-48 hours. Use the strongest stout beer you can find to give the ganache the most flavor and color.

Yield: 200 truffles