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November 2011 Recipe

Sweet Potato Pie Truffles

227 g   Finely chopped pecans
170 g   Clarified dairy butter (anhydrous milk fat)
907 g   Peter's® Ultra® milk chocolate, melted
340 g   Dried sweet potato powder*
5 g   Ground cinnamon
2 g   Ground allspice
1 g   Ground nutmeg
2 g   Ground cloves
3 g   Finely ground salt
1   18" x 13" thin cut slab marshmallow**
    Additional Peter's® Ultra® milk chocolate for coating

Sauté the pecans in 57 g of clarified butter until toasted (approx. 3 minutes); remove from heat and add remaining clarified butter to melt. Allow to cool below 80° F. Blend pecans and butter into Peter's® Ultra® milk chocolate for coating and add remaining ingredients and blend well. Cool to 78° F and warm back to 80° F; spread 3/8" thick in parchment lined 18" x 13" pan and allow to cool. Top with slab marshmallow and cut into 1" squares. Enrobe with Peter's® Ultra® milk chocolate for coating.

*Van Drunen Farms (815)-472-3100

** Burke Candy (888)-287-5350

Yield: 194 truffles