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October 2012 Recipe

Sponge Candies

900 g   Sugar
270 g   42 DE corn syrup
255 g   Water
60 g   Baking soda
15 g   Honey
3 g   Salt
.75 g   Ground cardamom
1815 g   Peter's® Ultra® milk chocolate

Sift together baking soda and cardamom and place in a small bowl. Combine sugar, corn syrup, salt and water in an 8 quart pot. Heat mixture to 295 F. Remove from heat and stir while adding honey. After honey is mixed in, vigorously stir in baking soda mixture. Pour into a parchment lined sheet pan. Cool for 1 hour. Break or slice into 1" squares using a saw fitted with a fairly coarse wood blade (fine teeth will gum up). Coat squares in Peter's® Ultra® milk chocolate. Keep sponge out of humidity before it's coated. It's best if it's coated within 24 hours.

Yield: Approximately 100 pieces