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January 2014 Recipe

Sour Cream & Poppy Seed Truffle

400 g   Peter's® white Icecap® caps
225 g   Sour cream
15 g   Poppy seeds
    Peter's® Original white chocolate

Melt Peter's® white Icecap® caps to approximately 95° F. In a separate bowl, warm sour cream to approximately 85°-95° F. Blend melted Peter's® white Icecap® caps into sour cream, whisking just until combined into a ganache. Blend in poppy seeds. When ganache reaches 85° F or lower, pipe into shell moulds made with Peter's® Original white chocolate. Allow to solidify and apply white chocolate bottoms. If desired, decorate chocolates by stringing with tempered white chocolate and immediately sprinkling with additional poppy seeds.

Yield: 72 truffles



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