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Peter's milk chocolates have always exhibited the distinct flavor characteristics of the original Swiss inventor, Daniel Peter. Packed 5 blocks per case net weight 50 lbs.
Ultra®   VL 160°
    VL 125°
    VL 90°
Our lightest colored milk chocolate with a very distinct flavor resulting from uniquely flavored beans.
Superfine™   VL 125°
A golden colored milk chocolate with spicy overtones.
Crema®   L 165°
A typical Swiss-styled milk chocolate with a medium strength chocolate flavor, popularly used with peanut flavored centers.
Broc®   ML 160°
    ML 125°
    ML 90°
Our most popular milk chocolate, this original Swiss formula has a predominant milk flavor and is less sweet.
Madison®   ML 160°
A fine flavor balance of milk chocolate makes this product a natural for chocolate covered pretzels.
Glenmere™   M 150°
A sweet and somewhat darker milk chocolate designed for enrobing; it especially complements nut confections.
Chatham®   M 140°
This product has the most intense chocolate flavor of all our milk chocolates.
Maridel™   ML 140°
Containing 33% cocoa solids and a subtle infusion of vanilla, its balanced flavor profile makes this one of our most versatile milk chocolates.
Vallen™   ML 140°
Our original Swiss formula with a predominant milk flavor and a subtle infusion of vanilla, perfect for enrobed confections.